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Spider-Man: No Way Home is a runaway success, there’s no doubt about it. It’s Sony’s highest-grossing film ever, the highest-grossing film of the pandemic era, and even if there wasn’t a pandemic, over a billion dollars is nothing to scoff at. Fans were enamored with the film and the hype was at an all-time high. Despite what Andrew Garfield had to say, everyone knew he and Toby MacGuire were returning as their various Peter Parkers to help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man fend off their previous villains.

The film came, and curiously, Andrew Garfield’s return is the one that’s gained the most hype. It’s no secret that Garfield loves the character, loved playing the character, and was heartbroken when they canceled the third Amazing Spider-Man film. Returning to the role was something that clearly excited him, but is it the last time?

In the weeks since the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, reports have stated that Sony is looking to bring Andrew Garfield back to the role of Spider-Man in some way. Since so many reports have come out, it seems like a safe bet to assume that nothing is set in stone and that discussions are ongoing about what that return could possibly be. Garfield, himself, stated in an interview recently that he would be open to returning.

This is not the first time that Sony has haphazardly put the bull before the horns. Back in the Amazing Spider-Man days, Sony and Amy Pascal had announced various films such as Silver and Black, The Sinister Six, and an Aunt May prequel spy movie. Most of these ideas had directors and writers attached and were going ahead until the infamous Sony leaks lead to a deal with Marvel Studios to put Spider-Man in the MCU. Even then, most of these early projects were still moving forwards, and that’s how we ended up with Venom. Even now Sony is still looking to capitalize on Spider-Man spin-off films such as Morbius and a Kraven the Hunter solo film starring Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Any number of these projects that Sony discusses could just as easily fall through, but it is exciting to think about the possibility that Andrew Garfield could once again return to the role of the wall-crawler that he loves so much. One report states that the next Venom film could be a multiversal adventure that pits him against the Amazing Spider-Man. It’s been a prominent fan theory for some time that Venom and The Amazing Spider-Man exist in the same world, so fans are already primed for this match-up. Since the beginning, Sony has been eager to tie in Venom to the MCU and this might be the best middle-ground approach.

Another report states that Emma Stone is being courted to come back as an alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy who becomes the Spider-Women of her timeline. Matching Garfield and Stone up again seems like a no-brainer, their chemistry carried the two Amazing Spider-Man films, and seeing Peter Parker interact with a Gwen Stacy who didn’t die could create some exciting drama for a future project.

Sony seems very interested in trying the multiverse angle again, and why wouldn’t they? It’s made them more money than they’ve ever made before. Maybe a multiversal adventure isn’t even the way they go, perhaps they just go ahead and greenlight The Amazing Spider-Man 3. With everything Sony has announced in the past, no one should put it past them. No matter which way they go after Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s safe to say they’re excited and they want to bring back Andrew Garfield somehow.

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