Brandon’s Blog

 After working at a comic book store for five years, Brandon wanted an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings on nerd culture. This is Brandon’s second podcast after almost a decade and he quickly started his third, Mythellaneous, which he co-hosts with Sparkz!



Ben’s Blog

Having graduated with a radio degree and a passion for all things nerdy, made making the jump to Podcasts a no brainier. Ben started his podcast career years ago before he founded the Fake Nerd Podcast with Brandon. Now he does Basement Arcade, Fake Nerd Watch and also writes for Old School Gamer Magazine.



Ryan’s Blog

Ryan has a deep love and passion for comics and has consumed more media content then anyone else alive. He’s been on the show since the earliest days and brought a spirit of positivity to the show that created a unique and fun atmosphere. Now he does Basement Arcade and Fake Nerd Watch as well as streams on Twitch!


Sparkz’ Blog

Sparkz and Brandon go way back so it was only a matter of time before he joined the Fake Nerd Podcast. Sparkz became a key figure in moving the show to the visual format on the YouTube page with his extensive editing background. Now he does Mythellaneous and Fake Nerds Watch.